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DNA testing of the highest quality

PiGen is a center for the enhancing, counseling and reliability of the genetic quality of racing pigeons.


PiGen creates a DNA-label with the highest quality for you and your racing pigeons, accordant the international agreed Pigeon Panel by ISAG.

If you wish to request DNA tests for your racing pigeons, please go to "My pigeons" or contact us at


The PiGen quality label is created by following a very strict procedure from sampling to DNA pedigree and by using DNA tests with the highest reliability and scientific quality. Only then we allow a pigeon to have the PiGen-label. Because of the severe fraud that has happened and is probably still happening with racing pigeon pedigrees, we have made a system as strict and as correct as possible. That is why ALL samples for DNA research have to be taken by an independent veterinarian.
A veterinarian that has racing pigeons himself has to let the samples be taken by an other veterinarian.

Also the DNA tests themselves are of the highest scientific quality meaning there are 16 microsattelite markers being tested (= internationally agreed Pigeon Panel by ISAG) and this is done by accredited ISO labs, member of ISAG and ICAR. This makes it virtually impossible a bird is falsely declared to be proven child of certain parents by DNA, but the parents are f.e. in reality a brother or sister. We try to make the probability of exclusion or reliability as high as possible by using labs working according to international protocol and assuring a very high reliability. With 16 markers the reliability approaches 100%.

As a buyer of excellent pigeons, if you are buying birds that give you indication of value of a bird only by pedigree, demand that the birds have a PiGen DNA certificate to be really sure of this value.


More and more top fanciers in Belgium and the Netherlands are gene testing their breeders to have more indication of the breeding value of their birds for top racing performance, and with success! It has no doubt that this kind of testing will start to be increasingly important for attaining top racing results with pigeons.


Thank you for your trust and enjoy our website!

Yelena of Etienne Meirlaen & Superboy of Scheele bros of the LDHA A/A genotype

Big news; with permission of the respective owners of these pigeons we can inform you that "Yelena" of Etienne Meirlaen and "Superboy" of Scheele bros are of the rare LDHA A/A genotype. Although this genotype (homozygote A/A) is very exceptional to find in the racing pigeon population (the majority of pigeons is of the 'normal' B/B genotype), it is striking that 2 of the best breeding pigeons from the last 10 years in the world - in their own discipline - are of this genotype. It only confirms scientific genetic research clearly is on the right track in finding the truly exceptional breeding values in racing pigeons.


meirlaen yelena foto


International Marker Panel for Pigeon parentage authorized by ISAG

Since the recently organized international congress of ISAG ( ) in China ( ) there is a scientific agreement for DNA parentage control with the pigeon. Just as with the horse, the dog, the cat, swine, cattle, etc... there is also now an international agreement by ISAG to use a certain universal DNA test (Panel of markers) with a high quality and statistics for the PIGEON !!



DNA testing: How many times is the pedigree correct?

Some statistics of DNA parentage testing


After having tested a lot of parentages by DNA, we thought it would be nice to publish some statistics of how many parentages were tested as correct parents or not. We have included 1241 recent parentage tests and 3617 samples for this evaluation, meaning we can make some very nice conclusions in general for racing pigeon breeding.


New gene dopamine receptor type 4 (DRD4) has scientific proven influence on the racing performance of pigeons

A new gene has been discovered with a very clear influence on racing capability nl. a dopamine receptor gene. Dopamine receptors are found in the brain and have the function to transfer signals of the neurotransmitter dopamine in specific zones inside the brain.


"Elsie" of De Smeyter - Restiaen" was tested for the very rare DRD4 genotype CTCT


The LDHA gene; the next step in genetics for top performances and speed in racing pigeons

LDHA is the gene that stands for a lactate dehydrogenase enzyme in racing pigeons. This is an enzyme that is responsible for both the synthesis as recycling of lactate (out of pyruvate) in the muscles.
Lactate is made by the so-called white and mixed muscle fibers. It is what causes the pain in muscles when doing physical efforts, especially for efforts related to speed and power. It's these muscles that are being trained when an athlete goes in anaerobic phase, meaning using as much power as possible. Everyone doing or having done sports knows this causes pain in the muscles. This is caused by the lactate, an acid made by the (anaerobic – without oxygen) burning of glucose. The more an athlete reaches the maximum of his effort, the more lactate is made.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technique all about?


To get a DNA profile it is enough to extract some DNA out of the pigeons cells. The DNA can be extracted from every kind of cell f.e. blood or other. Every cell of the body (f.e. skin cells, nervous cells, intestinal cells) contains the complete genome (DNA code). The easiest way is by pulling feathers. We prefer (at least 5) feathers from the legs to be as less invasive for the bird as possible. There always have to be two samples for one pigeon.


Who takes the samples?