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Big news; with permission of the respective owners of these pigeons we can inform you that "Yelena" of Etienne Meirlaen and "Superboy" of Scheele bros are of the rare LDHA A/A genotype. Although this genotype (homozygote A/A) is very exceptional to find in the racing pigeon population (the majority of pigeons is of the 'normal' B/B genotype), it is striking that 2 of the best breeding pigeons from the last 10 years in the world - in their own discipline - are of this genotype. It only confirms scientific genetic research clearly is on the right track in finding the truly exceptional breeding values in racing pigeons.

It strikes us that the A variant is clearly more present in top racing, but even more in excellent breeding pigeons (mostly genotype AB ; AA almost doesn't exist). For an older article on this special gene you can go to 

Yelena (LDHA A/A) is mother to;
1° Int & Nat Narbonne
4° Nat Montauban
5° Nat Montauban
6° Nat Ace extreme long distance yearlings '14
7° Nat Montauban
10° Nat Montauban
11° Nat Narbonne
12° Nat Montauban
14° Nat Agen
Grandmother to;
3° Nat Agen
9° Nat Ace extreme long distance yearlings '14
11° Int Agen
13° Nat Narbonne


Superboy (LDHA A/A) is father of ao:
1e NPO Orleans 5000 duiven (Blauwe Orleans)
1e Peronne 6793 duiven (Amy)
1e Orleans 5149 duiven (Kim)
1e NPO Poitiers 2183 duiven (Ace Girl)
1e Pommeroeul 2066 duiven (Boy)
1e Peronne 550 duiven (Amy)
1e Chateaudun 947 duiven (Elke)
2e NPO Tours 2011 (Magic Boy)
2e NPO Chateauroux 2012 (Ace Girl)
2e NPO La Souterraine 2012 (Ace Girl)
2e NPO Argenton 2009 (Aria)
2e NPO Chateauroux 2008 (Thor)
3e NPO Argenton 2011 (Magic Boy)
6e Nat. Asduif jong (Piet)
1e Nat. Asduif fond 2011 (Magic Boy)
1e Asduif Midfond Afdeling Zeeland Jong (Super 02)
1e Asduif Midfond Afdeling Zeeland Jong (Lieke)
1e Asduif Midfond Afdeling Zeeland Jong (Boy)
1e Gouden Crack FZN Jong (Lieke)
1e NPO Argenton 3973 duiven (Fast Boy)
1e NPO Orleans 6842 duiven (Akira)
1e NPO La Souterraine 3469 duiven (Mariah)
1e Peronne 7007 duiven (Amy)
1e Alblis 7889 duiven (Alblis Boy)
1e Orleans 4927 duiven (800)
1e Sezanne 8785 duiven (Ace Boy)
1e Arras 2012 duiven (Ace Boy)
1e Sourdun 1558 duiven (Mighty Mike)
1e Peronne 1297 duiven (Ace Boy)
1e Pithiviers 1261 duiven (Ace Boy)
1e Niergnies 1183 duiven (Demi)
1e Peronne 1066 duiven (Fast Boy)
1e Orleans 1030 duiven (Dylan)
1e Orleans 746 duiven (Mighty Mike)
1e Nanteuil 624 duiven (Dylan)
4e Nat. Asduif Dagfond 2011 (Ace Boy)
1e Asduif Afdeling Zeeland Dagfond 2011 (Ace Boy)
1e Asduif Afdeling Zeeland Dagfond 2012 (Ablis Boy)
1e Asduif Afdeling Zeeland Natour 2012 (Demi)
1e Gouden Crack FZN 2011 (Ace Boy)


It is very clear that fanciers that will take this gene into account in their breeding strategy will have a clear advantage in reaching true top performances.