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Genetic testing demonstrates exceptional quality at PIPA Elite Center

Boxster has been tested to be of the extremely rare DNA genotype LDHA AA DRD4 CCCT  !!!


It goes without saying that the pigeons in the PIPA Elite Center are of the utmost quality. Their achievements in the racing and breeding lofts have been off the charts in recent years.

Genetic test have now officially demonstrated the exceptional quality of these pigeons, as 80% of the PEC's breeding birds are shown to carry the LDHA A variant! Such a high percentage of LDHA is truly exceptional, especially because the so called A variant is very rare, and is generally found in no more than 10% of all racing birds. This illustrates the exceptional level of quality in the PEC breeding loft. Keep in mind the PEC team has never been looking specifically for pigeons with this gene; they have rather selected pigeons based on their achievements. Still, we assume their racing approach must have attributed to the exceptional number of pigeons with this gene. Especially racing the pigeons weekly and selecting for top performances has been an important factor in this from our opinion. Top breeders Lieve, New Patricia, Porsche 911, Blue Ace Freddy'ke, Wacko Freddy, Tarzan and Dali all cary the LDHA A variant, which is highly unusual!

In addition, the team's two stock hens New Patricia and Lieve appear to have not one but two invaluable genes: they not only carry the LDHA A variant but also the CT variant, which is very rare indeed. New Patricia (the dam of Dali and Salvador, and thus the grandmother of a 1st and 2nd Nat. Bourges in 2016) was shown to carry the LDHA AB DRD4 CTCC (just to give you an idea: the genotype AB CTCC is found in only 1.7% of all pigeons), while Lieve carries the genotype LDHA AB DRD4 CCCT (which can be found in only 1.4% of all pigeons).