DNA testing of the highest quality - strict sampling procedure

31 déc, 2018

PiGen creates a DNA high quality label from sampling, lab testing accordant the international agreed Pigeon Panel by ISAG and fraud resistent certification.


The PiGen quality label is created by following a very strict procedure from sampling to DNA pedigree and by using DNA tests with the highest reliability and scientific quality. Only then we allow a pigeon to have the PiGen-label. Because of the severe fraud that has happened and is probably still happening with racing pigeon pedigrees, we have made a system as strict and as correct as possible. That is why ALL samples for DNA research have to be taken by an independent veterinarian.
A veterinarian that has racing pigeons himself has to let the samples be taken by an other veterinarian.

Also the DNA tests themselves are of the highest scientific quality meaning there are 16 microsattelite markers being tested (= internationally agreed Pigeon Panel by ISAG) and this is done by accredited ISO labs, member of ISAG and ICAR. This makes it virtually impossible a bird is falsely declared to be proven child of certain parents by DNA, but the parents are f.e. in reality a brother or sister. We try to make the probability of exclusion or reliability as high as possible by using labs working according to international protocol and assuring a very high reliability. With 16 markers the reliability approaches 100%.

As a buyer of excellent pigeons, if you are buying birds that give you indication of value of a bird only by pedigree, demand that the birds have a PiGen DNA certificate to be really sure of this value.


More and more top fanciers in Belgium and the Netherlands are gene testing their breeders to have more indication of the breeding value of their birds for top racing performance, and with success! It has no doubt that this kind of testing will start to be increasingly important for attaining top racing results with pigeons.


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