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  1. By accepting these general conditions the owner/client agrees with the following agreement: I declare to instruct PiGen to i) make a DNA profile of racing pigeons which I own (further referred as the "Pigeons") and/or to preserve DNA material, ii) to carry out DNA tests in order to determine the genetic relationship (parent/child) between specific Pigeons and to create a certificate of this when the relationship is confirmed, as clearly indicated in accompanying (signed) list. An independent veterinarian will take the samples and send it to PiGen. I give permission to PiGen to save i) the DNA profiles of the Pigeons and ii) the results of the DNA tests in a databank, and I give all my rights on the delivered DNA material , DNA profiles and the results final and without any charge to PiGen. PiGen can use the material, the profiles and the results for other scientific research and commercial purposes (inclusive parentage verification between i) Pigeons themselves and ii) between the Pigeons and other pigeons). I undertake to notify and provide that consent/transfer to share (and as far as necessary to recognize) by and to possible buyers of my Pigeons and to obligate those buyers to share that consent/transfer to subsequent purchasers (and as far as necessary to recognize).
  2. PiGen declares that gene determinations, other than those for parentage authenticity and gender, will be executed in discretion as much as possible. PiGen declares that every use of the DNA profile or genotyping for scientific use will happen completely anonymous – for past or present owner of the pigeon and for the identity of the pigeon itself – . PiGen declares to support scientific research in favor of pigeon racing in general and in favor of the clients of PiGen.
  3. Only samples by an acknowledged veterinarian are accepted for certification. Sampling of pigeons that are owned by a veterinarian, must be done by an independant collegue-veterinarian. The veterinarian that takes and signes the samples is responsible for the taking and sending of the samples.
  4. The owner/client is himself responsible for the timing of applying and sampling of the pigeons. PiGen vof cannot be responsible for any delay in DNA-testing procedures because of extra testing or other reasons. No time frame is set for the DNA testing procedures and all costs are always indebted, independent of the result. In case of delay of a delivery term there will be communication with the cliënt. PiGen vof always strives for the testing to finish as quickly as possible but the quality of the research will never be undermined. Although the average result time is 2-3 weeks, it is advisable to calculate a delivery term of 6 weeks for the sampling of the pigeons (this time frame is not binding). Young pigeons can be sampled from 14 days of age.
  5. If an owner wants to test the parentage authenticity by DNA testing of a pigeon and one or both parents are in possession of another person, PiGen asks a written permission by the present owner(s) of this/these parent(s) to execute these parentage tests. An e-mail is considered as sufficient.
  6. There will be only a positive certification by PiGen vof meaning there will never be certificates mentioning certain pigeons not to be descendants of certain pigeons. When with great certainty can be decided from DNA testing that pigeon(s) will probably not qualify to be parent(s) of a certain pigeon, this will off course be communicated with the client (in writing or spoken). It is always advisable to look for the correct parents if possible. In dialogue with all concerned parties there can always be an extra sampling in the presence of a bailiff.
  7. For every DNA label of PiGen an online certificate is generated for that particular pigeon on as a protection for fraud with (paper) certificates and for user-friendliness. This certificate can be downloaded and printed. By scanning the certificate's QR code, the authenticity can be verified. When you – next to the online certificate – would like to receive a laminated paper certificate an extra cost of 5 € will be charged per laminated certificate.
  8. The PiGen DNA quality label can only be used on photos and pedigres of those specific pigeons that actually have that PiGen vof status. The unique certificate(number) and/or QR code must always be linked or mentioned to avoid fraud or abuse. Every abuse of the PiGen quality label will be prosecuted. The authenticity of every unique certificate can always be verified on .
  9. Every client can apply for a change in PiGen vof status and accepts and pays the accompanying costs.
  10. PiGen vof coordinates genetic research in racing pigeons. Only the people connected to PiGen vof can and may issue and sign certificates under the PiGen logo. Only a limited liability is accepted.
  11. For PiGen vof the DNA profile is the only true identity of a pigeon above the ring, stamp, microchip or others. The DNA profile is determined according to the internationally agreed Pigeon Panel of microsattelite markers agreed by ISAG.
  12. The DNA identity of a pigeon can always be confirmed by the extra sampling by an independent veterinarian. The veterinarian can send these samples to PiGen vof for confirmation of the DNA profile.
  13. Already existing DNA profiles can be inserted in the PiGen DNA database only with the following conditions: - the laboratory that did the DNA tests is accepted by PiGen vof, - PiGen vof receives a written declaration of an acknowledged veterinarian that the samples were taken and sent by her/him and that she/he gives the complete permission to PiGen vof to use the DNA profile of this/these specific pigeon(s); A veterinarian that gives permission to a lab to let the DNA profile be used by PiGen vof automatically declares to have treated the sample(s) in good conscience and automatically agrees to insert the DNA profile in the PiGen database, - a cost of 3,50 € per DNA profile will be charged to be inserted in the PiGen DNA database. With the insertion of the DNA profile in the PiGen database the owner/client automatically agrees with the general condition of PiGen vof.
  14. These conditions are consultable on . Everyone applying for DNA tests with PiGen vof automatically agrees with these conditions.