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What is the technique all about?


To get a DNA profile it is enough to extract some DNA out of the pigeons cells. The DNA can be extracted from every kind of cell f.e. blood or other. Every cell of the body (f.e. skin cells, nervous cells, intestinal cells) contains the complete genome (DNA code). The easiest way is by pulling feathers. We prefer (at least 5) feathers from the legs to be as less invasive for the bird as possible. There always have to be two samples for one pigeon.


Who takes the samples?


It is very important to realize that official certification is only possible if the samples are taken, sealed end sent by an acknowledged veterinarian and confirmed on the sample forms. Samples taken by an owner can NEVER be certified!!


How long does the test take?


A time frame of 12 weeks is proposed. This is because regulary the second sample has to be tested because of technical reasons, failing of quality tests or doubt of parentage. Sometimes after testing of the second sample the DNA has to be tested for an extra 10 (new) markers to be sure of the result. PiGen always tries to give results as soon as possible, but will never do this to the detriment of the scientific quality of the process. That is why PiGen doesn't accept a time frame and all costs are always indebted.


I am owner of a pigeon and want to know if the bird is really a descendant of the parents of which the pedigree says it does, can I do this?


Yes, certainly if you are in possession of both parents or the DNA profiles parents are in the PiGen database.


Can you certify that a pigeon is NO descendant of the parents like the pedigree says it does?


No, we do not give negative certificates, because this is also not possible. The same ring can always have been put on another pigeon f.e.

If a DNA profile has been linked in the past with a certain ringnumber, we can say and certificate for sure if it is the same animal or not.


Can I myself send samples?


For parentage control and certification this has no value whatsoever. That is why an independant veterinarian has to take and seal the samples and sign the necessary forms to avoid discussions afterwards.